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Hogwarts Legacy: Unlimited Money Guide | How to Get Gold Fast

Become a millionaire the easy way with this guide!




Hogwarts Legacy Unlimited Money Guide How to Get Gold Fast

The only thing that can beat being a wizard attending Hogwarts is being a rich wizard attending Hogwarts. As an RPG, it’s almost guaranteed that many cool items won’t be accessible if you don’t have in-game currency.

In this guide, we’ll teach you an unlimited money trick that lets you break the game’s economy and start living the rags-to-riches fantasy.

How to Get Gold Fast

How to Get Gold Fast

Source: Dan Allen Gaming

For this method to work, you must have progressed relatively deep into the story at around 8-12 hours of gameplay.

You must also be able to collect beasts. As soon as you meet these requirements, sit and use the Wait command a few times. This will cause the day timer to reset so you can continue your journey.

Now, head over to the location highlighted in the image above. Once you get to the exact spot, you will need to locate a pack of Puffskeins.

Catch Some Puffskeins

Catch Some Puffskeins

Source: Dan Allen Gaming

Remember that Nab-Sack you unlocked previously? Well, you will need it for this method to work.

You must simply run around trying to catch as many Puffskeins as you can. Once you are done, leave the area.

As you have probably guessed by now, this strategy will revolve around farming the Puffskeins and then resetting the days to force the packs to appear in another location.

Rinse and Repeat for Profit

Rinse and Repeat for Profit

Source: Dan Allen Gaming

After you’re done collecting the Puffskeins, head over to the spot highlighted in the image above.

Once you are in there you will need to rest 3 times to reset the day cycle and proceed with the catching. You can then head over to the store and sell all your Puffskeins.

While this method is far from being an exploit, it has proven to be the best method available right now.

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