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Hogwarts Legacy: Ultimate Spell Guide | How Spells Work

Strive to be the best spellcaster in the academy.




Hogwarts Legacy Ultimate Spell Guide How Spells Work

Any wizard in Hogwarts must know and understand how to use spells. After all, they are used to fight and protect everyone from the dark lord and his people.

But in some cases, spells are also used to help them in their everyday routines to make their lives more convenient.

The problem is that not all wizards are good at using spells. That is why we will show you through this guide how spells work in Hogwarts Legacy.

With a swish and a swoosh, magic will just be at the tip of your wand – unless you are a squib

Ultimate Spell Guide

Ultimate Spell Guide

If you initially think about it, talking about spells already sounds complicated.

Then there’s the fact that one simple misuse can be extremely dangerous and cause a lot of negative consequences.

That is why we are here to break down all the things that you must know about using spells according to what’s currently the game has to offer.

Spell Button Layout

Spell Button Layout

Source: Podcast NOW

On the screen, you can immediately see the small, colored diamonds on the bottom right. These refer to the spell slots.

Currently, there are 2 spells you can obtain throughout the game. Once you have already obtained more than 4 spells, you can opt to swap the positions and even change your equipped spells.

On the left side of the topmost spell, you can see that there are icons of an eye, a D-pad, and a grid from left to right.

These show two more commands using the left and right buttons of your D-pad.

Casting Spells

Casting Spells

Source: Podcast NOW

To cast a basic spell, simply press the R2 button by tapping. Meanwhile, if you want to use one of the four spells ready, hold the R2 button.

In terms of the additional controls on the upper left part of the spell controls, press the left button from your D-pad to use a reveal spell.

By pressing the right button on the D-pad, you will be able to see all available spells that you have.

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