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Hogwarts Legacy: Trials of Merlin Quest Guide

Increase your inventory space by completing Trials of Merlin!




Hogwarts Legacy Trials of Merlin Quest Guide

The Trials of Merlin are puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy that reward players with extra inventory space through challenges as well as the “Merlin’s Beard!” trophy.

This is a part of the main quest in the game which you can unlock after completing The Girl from Uagadou quest.

This article will show you a walkthrough of the Trials of Merlin quest, including a step-by-step guide to every objective.

Speak to Nora Treadwell

Speak to Nora Treadwell

Source: SoulBound

As soon as you finish The Girl from Uagadou, you’ll hear a cry from the nearby camp out on the water. Go ahead and investigate it.

You will then come across two of Victor Rookwood’s cronies who are bothering an old woman. Defeat them as soon as possible.

After you’ve defeated them, speak with the old woman named Nora Treadwell. She will then teach you how to solve the Trials of Merlin.

Solving the Trials of Merlin

How to Solve the Trials of Merlin

Source: SoulBound

Grab the Mallowsweet Leaves from Nora Treadwell’s trunk and place one in the center of the symbol next to Nora Treadwell’s tent.

This will remove the vines covering three pyres to your right, center, and left.

Quickly light them by casting Incendio. Keep in mind that you only have a limited amount of time to do so.

After completing the puzzle, return to Nora Treadwell to complete the main quest. You can then use the same method to solve any Trial of Merlin you come across in the game.

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