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Hogwarts Legacy: Top Beginner’s Tips

Learn how the Wizarding World works and be a master wizard!




Hogwarts Legacy Top Beginners Tips

We spent days just exploring the wonderful corners of Hogwarts castle, so much so that we even forgot we were supposed to level up and keep up with the story!

Merely walking around Hogwarts Legacy’s map can be an entertaining experience.

If you’re seeking some advice for the early game, we have crafted this guide in which we aim to share our top 10 tips that will help you out as a beginner. Let’s get started!

Top Tips You Can Use as a Beginner

Top Tips You Can Use as a Beginner

Source: PVP Cat

  • Spam the Revelio spell: Use this spell whenever you can as it will reveal useful things scattered around the map.
  • Change your appearance: Different sets often provide different bonuses, so try finding the combination that’s best for your playstyle.
  • Sell your old items: Making money is one of the common goals of every RPG; Hogwarts Legacy is no exception. Be sure to sell old items you don’t use anymore.
  • Prepare for combat: There are some moments when you know you will face a challenge, like the end of a dungeon, for example. So always make sure to carry enough healing and combat items wherever you go.
  • Mix your spells: When in combat, be sure to try different spell combos that can give you new strategies. Adapt these strategies so they can fit your playstyle.

Even More Beginner Tips

Even More Beginner Tips

Source: PVP Cat

Crafting: Even if it may be a little annoying, crafting can provide you with useful items that you may use or sell.

Adjust your settings: You can adjust a wide variety of settings in the game’s menu. Take a moment to check them out for a while, and you might find something that suits you.

Learn new spells: Enemies have different weaknesses. It’s a good idea to learn what those weaknesses are so you can exploit them using various spells.

Take the time to explore: The game’s map is massive, so take your time to scoop around as the grounds are full of secrets and mysteries.

Have as much fun as possible. Don’t rush the game, and take your time to enjoy it as much as possible. We promise you will have a lot of fun.

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