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Hogwarts Legacy: The Helm of Urtkot Quest Puzzles Guide

Solve all the tricky moth puzzles at the Collector’s Cave to complete the quest.




Hogwarts Legacy The Helm of Urtkot Quest Puzzles Guide

As part of Hogwarts Legacy’s main story, players will have to head down to the Collector’s Cave to search for The Helm of Urtkot.

In case you’re wondering, the Collector’s Cave is filled with some fairly tricky puzzles involving moths.

If you’ve found yourself stumped by all the sealed moth doors, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive right in!

How to Solve The Helm of Urtkot Quest Puzzles

How to Solve The Helm of Urtkot Quest Puzzles

Source: Backseat Guides

The Helm of Urtkot is a main quest that becomes available after completing the “Percival Rackham’s Trial” quest.

This quest tasks you with retrieving the titular Helm of Urtkot from The Collector’s Cave. We highly recommend setting the spell Lumos to one of your face buttons as it’s important to the puzzles.

As soon as you enter the Collector’s Cave, take the only path available until you reach a sealed door. Notice that it has an indentation in the shape of a moth.

Facing the door, look to your left to find a small path. Head down this path to find a moth. Cast Lumos to attract them toward your wand, and then take the moth to the door and release Lumos.

The moth will go into the indentation and the door will open, revealing another room. There’s a chest on the left side of the room. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Head through the western path until you reach a large circular room with another sealed door. This door has 3 moth-shaped indentations.

Two of the moths are in the same circular room. As before, cast Lumos to draw the moths towards the door.

How to Solve The Helm of Urtkot Quest Puzzles 1

Source: Backseat Guides

The third moth required for this door is behind a stone door on the eastern side of the room which you can open using Depulso. Bring this moth to the sealed door to open it.

Continue down the path and get ready to face a mob of Inferi. They should be pretty easy to take down but avoid getting surrounded by them.

Note that there’s a brick wall in this room that can be taken down with Depulso for some treasure. There’s also a chest on a climbable ledge in a corner of the room.

Loot the place and head down the western path.

The Third Sealed Door

The Third Sealed Door

Source: Backseat Guides

Not long after taking the western path, you’ll reach another circular room with another moth door. As before, you need 3 moths. Two of them are already in the room.

Use Lumos to take one of the moths and place them on the door. Then use Lumos to drag the second moth to the moth-shaped contraption in the center of the room.

The third moth is on an unreachable alcove. Use Revelio to locate it, then stand on the wall below the ledge.

Use Depulso on the moth-shaped contraption in the center of the room to lift yourself and reach the moth in the alcove. Bring this moth to the door.

The Third Sealed Door 1

Now all you need to do is to pick up the last moth on the contraption and bring it to the door using Lumos to open the door.

Behind the doors, you’ll notice one path to your left and one to your right. Head down the right path first. Walk until you reach a room with a large gap in the middle.

Use Revelio to highlight the skeletons in the room.

The Third Sealed Door 2

Break a skeleton down with Basic Cast and grab the skull with Accio. This can be very finicky, but use your spells to place the skull on one of the sticks near the center of the room.

When you manage to put the skulls in place, a bridge of bones will form and give you access to the other side of the room. Use the bridge to reach the chest on the other end.

Now head back to the crossroads.

Heading to the Other Path

Heading to the Other Path

Back at the crossroads, it’s now time to take the left path. For clarity, this is the western path on your map.

You’ll reach a room with something hanging from the ceiling. Ignore it for now. Instead, use Depulso on the northern stone door to enter another room.

This room has two small alcoves with chests. Climb on the box to reach the left ledge for the first chest.

After opening the chest, jump down and use Accio on the box to pull below the right ledge for the second chest.

Heading to the Other Path 1

Head back to the room with the object hanging from the ceiling. Look upwards and shoot at its hook with your Basic Cast. The object will open a hole in the ground which you should jump down to.

Swim to your right to enter a large room that looks like an arena. Get ready to face more Inferi. It’s quite a large mob, so stay mobile and don’t get overwhelmed.

After you take out the Inferi, you’ll have to deal with the final moth door puzzle.

The Last Moth Door

The Last Moth Door

This room has two levels: the higher level with the moth door and two moths and the lower level with two more moths.

You need one moth for the moth device but you need to bring the other moth to the higher floor.

The Last Moth Door 1

Start the puzzle by taking one of the moths and placing it on the moth holder on the western end of the room, near the moth door.

Now take the second moth and place it on the moth-shaped contraption in the room.

Stand by the northwestern wall near the moth-shaped device. It’s a noticeable gap in the higher level’s floor. Use Depulso on the device to lift yourself to the higher level of the room.

As soon as you’re on the higher level, look towards the north side of the room. You’ll immediately notice another moth to your left, but there’s also a small path leading to some chests you can grab.

The Last Moth Door 2

Make sure the gap on the floor is fully raised. Use Depulso on the moth device again if it’s not. Pick up the moth on this level with Lumos and walk across the raised floor.

When you reach the door, put the moth on the door. There’s another moth to the right of the door, quickly use Lumos to put it on the door too.

The Last Moth Door 3

Lastly, use Depulso on the moth-shaped contraption one last time to raise the container where you placed a moth earlier. Use Lumos on this final moth then place it on the door.

After the door opens, head into the room and follow the marker to complete your quest.

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