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Hogwarts Legacy: South Hogwarts Region Dive Cave Treasure Vault Puzzle Guide

Solve the tricky Treasure Vault puzzle in the Dive Cave.




Hogwarts Legacy South Hogwarts Region Dive Cave Treasure Vault Puzzle Guide

The Treasure Vaults in Hogwarts Legacy are an excellent method to obtain more equipment while simultaneously exploring the Wizarding World.

These Treasure Vaults are marked on your map, making them relatively easy to find. The only problem is how to solve the puzzles.

The lake located in the South Hogwarts region contains one of the earliest Treasure Vaults in the game. Here’s how you can solve it!

Dive Under The Water

Dive Under The Water

Source: WoW Quests

To access this Treasure Vault, you must first dive beneath the water.

To start, look for the swirl near the signpost in the lake and dive down.

Once inside the cave, swim forward until you reach the surface. In front of you will be a stone wall. Look to the upper right for a switch you can pull with the Accio spell.

Open the Stone Wall

Open the Stone Wall

Source: WoW Quests

To open the stone wall, cast your Accio spell to grab it.

After that, you can now walk inside and open the two chests. You now solved the puzzle! To get back out, swim back to the swirl and use it to exit.

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