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Hogwarts Legacy: Slytherin House Guide

Learn more about the perks of joining the Slytherin House!




Hogwarts Legacy Slytherin House Guide

Hogwarts Legacy features four houses you can join: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Each house represents specific traits that the students have.

The members of the Slytherin House, in particular, are chosen for their ambition, pride, determination, and cleverness. While the Slytherin House is seen as “evil,” they are just another house with different ideals. 

If you are thinking about joining the Slytherin House, this guide will go through the following perks that come with this serpent-themed group: 

Slytherin’s Common Room

Slytherins Common Room

Source: OpenVision

Each house has its own common room in different parts of Hogwarts.

For Slytherin, its common room is a dungeon-like room that is located in the castle’s dungeons. A portion of this area is underground, allowing you to see what is going on beneath the Great Lake through the common room’s windows.

The entrance to Slytherin’s common room is hidden behind a false wall. However, once you become a Slytherin, you will learn the password to open the door.

A large serpent’s body will form the shape of the entrance and a door will appear, granting you access.

Sebastian Sallow and Dark Arts

Sebastian Sallow and Dark Arts

Source: Warner Bros. Games

Throughout the game, you will have the ability to enlist companions to follow you, help you in missions, and give you missions of their own.

It is expected that your companions will be in the same house as you, and from that inference, many are expecting Sebastian Sallow to be a companion of Slytherin students.

This is worth noting as it has been revealed that Sallow will be the character that teaches you dark arts and the unforgivable curses.

With this in mind, being a Slytherin may be the only way you can learn the dark arts, though this has not been confirmed.

Slytherin’s Colors

Slytherins Colors

Source: OpenVision

For purely aesthetic purposes, joining the Slytherin house will allow you to wear their colors which are green and silver. You will also sport the serpent on your robes.

These are all of the perks that have been released so far about becoming part of the Slytherin house. However, more will likely be revealed once the game launches.

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