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Hogwarts Legacy: Secret of the Antechamber Quest Guide

Unravel the Secrets of the Restricted Section by following this guide!




Hogwarts Legacy Secret of the Antechamber Quest Guide

The Secrets of the Antechamber is part of the game’s main quest which you unlock after finishing Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1.

In this quest, you will be tasked with looking for a book in the Restricted Section. To do so, you need to get past ghosts and patrolling students without getting caught.

This article will discuss the complete Secrets of the Restricted Section walkthrough, including a step-by-step guide to every objective. Let’s get started.

Talk to Professor Fig

Talk to Professor Fig


​​After completing Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1, head to Professor Fig and proceed with the main quest.

The headmaster will interrupt your talk and order Professor Fig to report to his office. As a result, you’ll have to find another method in the Restricted Section.

As the objective suggests, go chat with Sebastian Sallow. He offers to assist you in entering the Restricted Section, at which point the game instantly advances to nighttime.

Talk to Sebastian again, and he’ll teach you the Disillusionment Spell, a spell that temporarily makes you invisible.

Take the Library Key

Take the Library Key


Equip the Disillusionment Spell on one of your face buttons right away to make casting the Spell easier.

Keep an eye on your mini-map and remain as far away from the students as possible. Sneak past them all and enter the Library where you’ll meet up with Sebastian.

Wait for Sebastian to generate a distraction before sneaking up to the librarian’s desk with Disillusionment still cast.

Take the Library Key and enter the Restricted Section without getting in contact with the librarian.

Look for the Book

Look for the Book


The book you’re seeking can be found on the floor below, but you’ll have to get past two ghosts first. Use the suit of armor as a distraction before proceeding.

You’re in the clear on the next floor down, so remove the Disillusionment Charm and follow the linear path. Unfortunately, you’ll run upon Peeves at the end of the passage, forcing Sebastian to abandon you.

Continue by casting Reparo on the suit of armor, then descend the staircase to interact with some magic. Now enter the mystical gateway in front of you.

Enter the Athenaeum

Enter the Athenaeum


To cross the gap, perform a Basic Cast on the symbol above the large opening in front of you. Some foes will appear in the next two rooms, so prepare yourself for combat.

Use another Basic Cast on the symbol ahead to get to the object. This time, the bridge will fall as you cross it, so make sure you’re sprinting and be prepared to jump.

Get onto the moving bridge in the third room and shoot the symbol to reveal the second path.

You’ll have to kill additional statues in the final room, and the cutscene that follows will conclude the main quest.

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