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Hogwarts Legacy: Secret Chest Location in Library

Go look for this hidden treasure in Hogwarts Castle.




Hogwarts Legacy Secret Chest Location in Library

What more can you find in Hogwarts Legacy that can make the game more dynamic? That would be the puzzles and collectibles.

Aside from the fact that this could be a good opportunity for you to discover new map areas, this also allows you to maximize the use of your equipped spells.

Some of the things that you can find in the game are secret chests hidden in various areas. All in all, there are 33 chests that you can collect in the Hogwarts Grounds, and we’re going to cover one inside the library.

Secret Chest Location in Library

Secret Chest Location in Library

Source: Sipder

Since there are lots of chests in the game, there are also different ways to find and obtain them. In some instances, chests can be easily found in an open place.

However, a lot of them will require you to solve a puzzle first. As mentioned, we’re going to look for the secret chest in the library. Here’s how.

How to Find the Secret Chest in the Library

How to Find the Secret Chest in the Library

Source: Sipder

Before you head over to the library, we recommend doing Cressida’s quest as well which involves collecting flying books.

You can see all five of them if you try to roam around the area and between the gigantic bookshelves.

How to Find the Secret Chest in the Library 1

Source: Sipder

After you collected all books, try heading downstairs. On the right side of the library is a large fireplace between two bookshelves.

Use the Revelio spell and you will see where the secret chest is hidden.

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