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Hogwarts Legacy: Raising Expectations Trophy Guide

Maintain your combo without ever breaking it.

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Hogwarts Legacy Raising Expectations Trophy Guide

Raising Expectations is one of the many trophies that you can unlock in Hogwarts Legacy. To achieve it, you need to reach a combo of 100 which is hard to do.

After all, enemies can interrupt you while you do combos, and sometimes there are not enough of them to reach 100.

Don’t worry, though; we have a solution for that in this guide.

How to Obtain the Raising Expectations Trophy

How to Obtain the Raising Expectations Trophy

Source: PS5Trophies

The best enemies that allow you to reach a 100-combo streak or more are the Inferi which are these undead creatures or zombies.

Do take note that you can only kill or damage them with the fire spell, Incendio.

You can find them within Inferi Lairs on the world map, but you can also find a group east of Hogsmeade.

How to Obtain the Raising Expectations Trophy 1

Source: PS5Trophies

To start, fast-travel to the East Hogsmeade Valley Floo Flame, then head to the broken house further east.

Make sure that you go there at night as wolves will infest it during the day. Once you arrive, you’ll find 3-4 Inferi; you only need 1 for the trophy, so defeat the others using Incendio first.

How to Obtain the Raising Expectations Trophy 2

Source: PS5Trophies

After eliminating the other Inferi, you can focus on the last one. Your bread and butter combo is Accio and Levioso.

Use Levioso on the remaining Inferius, then hit it with a basic attack until it falls down. Cast Accio when it falls down, then juggle it again with basic attacks.

Rinse and repeat until you obtain 100 combos.

Once you obtain the Raising Expectations trophy, use your Ancient Magic to instantly defeat the Inferi.

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