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Hogwarts Legacy: Raising Expectations Trophy Guide (Combo)

Dodging is your best friend if you want to unlock this trophy!




Hogwarts Legacy Raising Expectations Trophy Guide Combo

After finishing the main story, you can roam and complete any remaining side quests, collectibles, or trophies in the game.

Speaking of trophies, one such trophy you can unlock is the Raising Expectations trophy. However, it can be tough to obtain as it requires you to reach a streak of 100 combos.

While it may seem impossible, this can quickly be done once you’ve progressed further in the game. This guide will teach you how to obtain it.

How to Reach 100 Combos

How to Reach 100 Combos

Source: PowerPyx

It’s relatively easy to get a 100-combo streak in the Battle Arena with the difficulty level set to Normal or Hard.

The most challenging element is staying alive in a fight for more than 100 spell casts so you can keep that combination alive.

That is why you should save this one for later in the game. Fortunately, this trophy is easily feasible when dealing with any type of Troll.

When fighting a Troll, you usually spam magic strikes and use Flipendo to make the Troll hit itself in the face, and the fight is usually over soon.

Reach 100 Combos

If you’re aiming for the trophy, simply chip away with your basic strike and build that up the combo. The Troll’s enormous health bar makes it easier, as do his telegraphed assaults that you can dodge easily.

Just don’t be struck, and you’ll quickly earn the Raising Expectations trophy once you build up enough combo streaks.

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