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Hogwarts Legacy: Percival Rackham’s Trial Puzzles Guide

Complete Percival Rackham’s trial by solving the puzzle!




Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackhams Trial Puzzles Guide

Hogwarts Legacy features four different trials you can complete, all of which are associated with ancient magic and the game’s main quest.

These quests are assigned by the Keepers, old Hogwarts teachers who are linked to you through ancient magic.

The trials are full of puzzles that you must solve to complete them. The first trial is that of Percival Rackham, and this guide will show you how to solve it.

How to Complete Percival Rackham’s Trial

How to Complete Percival Rackhams Trial

Source: FP Good Game

To complete Percival Rackham’s trial, you must head down the stairs to find an ancient magic pool that you should activate.

A bridge will appear above you; go and cross it. Keep moving forward while following the traces of ancient magic. You’ll find another pool you have to activate.

Turn back and go through the archway you came through to notice that the room has changed. Press on to the next chamber to then find protectors you must defeat.

How to Complete Percival Rackhams Trial 1

After defeating them, go past the pedestal where the first protector appeared. Use the Accio spell to pull the floating platform toward you then hop on the platform and pull yourself to the middle of the chamber using Accio.

Turn to your right and use Accio to reach the balcony to find yet another pool to activate.

How to Complete Percival Rackhams Trial 2

This part is a bit tricky. Don’t proceed through the archway; instead, jump back on the platform and pull yourself past the archway, as shown above. The next room will have more protectors to defeat.

Head downstairs, then up the stairs to the right. Go to where the traces of magic are then pull the platform in the middle of the room toward you with Accio.

Hop on the platform then activate the next pool, and the room will change.

Jump down from the railing and go through the archway. You’ll notice that the bridge above disappeared. After that, go back up the stairs and jump onto the floating platform.

Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Use Accio to pull yourself to the right and jump off the platform.

Go through the archway again to morph the room then go back to the bridge. You’ll then notice that the platform is now on the other side of the bridge.

Pull the platform towards you and jump on it then pull yourself to the other side of the chamber. Proceed forward where you will have to fight more enemies and find another pool you must activate.

Moving Forward 1

Once you have activated the pool, jump on the platform and pull yourself to the middle of the room. Hop on the lowered platform and go to the other side of the platform, where you will notice you can’t pull objects through.

Pull the platform above you as close as you can to the archway, then go back to the start of the room and pull yourself to the platform to the left.

Now, you will be able to pull yourself to the platform beyond the archway.

Hop onto the platform on the other side of the archway and pull yourself toward the platform on the right side of the room. Pull yourself to the platform on the far side of the room, and finally, jump onto the platform.

You have now completed the trial; the final stage is to fight the boss.

Fighting the Boss

Fighting the Boss

Source: AltChair

Proceed forward to enter a large area. You must now fight numerous enemies and a large boss at the end. If you have made it this far, just use the tactics you used to fight every other enemy to take it down.

Once you have defeated the boss, you’ll then have finished Percival Rackham’s trial.

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