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Hogwarts Legacy: Investigate Horntail Hall Objective Guide

Head over to this location to finish the objective.

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Hogwarts Legacy Investigate Horntail Hall Objective Guide

Hogwarts Legacy has tons of quests that you can obtain by interacting with some students, teachers, and many more.

One of the quests you can obtain from a student is Fire and Vice where you are tasked with investigating Horntail Hall as one of its objectives. We made this guide to help you complete it.

How to Investigate Horntail Hall

How to Investigate Horntail Hall

Source: Sipder

The Fire and Vice quest is one of the quests obtained from Poppy Sweeting. It is about investigating Dragon Poachers and trying to save the Dragons from them.

Poppy Sweeting is one of the students you can interact with in Hogwarts, and she belongs to House Hufflepuff.

Once you get the quest from Poppy, start the mission by following her. After completing the objective where you enter the tent, you will be given the next one where you have to investigate Horntail Hall.

When you get to the area, you will see two dragons brawling it out in an arena. Meanwhile, the entrance to it is located at the left and is guarded by a Poacher Stalker.

After defeating him, the door will remain unlocked, so you need to find another way through the area.

How to Investigate Horntail Hall 1

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Luckily, you can find a locked door across that will lead to a path that will take you downstairs.

Go downstairs to find two Goblin Loyalist Warriors and a Poacher Tracker. Defeat them and find a ladder that leads to the objective.

How to Investigate Horntail Hall 2

Source: Sipder

After climbing the ladder, you can find a sack to the left; loot it first before you proceed. Once you’re done, simply proceed to the objective marker to complete the Investigating Horntail Hall objective.

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