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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Use the Alohamora Spell

Here’s everything you need to know about the Alohamora spell.




Hogwarts Legacy How to Use the Alohamora Spell 1

Hogwarts Legacy gives you the ability to learn many of the spells found in the popular Harry Potter books and movies.

You can use these spells in combat, to solve puzzles, and to help you move throughout the over-world.

One spell you will often use is Alohamora, an unlocking spell you use to unlock locks and open doors, windows, chests, and more.

However, the spell can’t be used on all locks initially, and using it isn’t as easy as just pressing the spell button.

If you want to learn how to use the spell and what conditions to follow, this guide should help you.

How to Use Alohomora

How to Use Alohamora

Source: Kleeluc

After unlocking Alohamora, you won’t be able to unlock everything right away. Instead, you have to upgrade the spell to different tiers based on what you want to unlock.

Locks are split into three different tiers of difficulty, with each spell upgrade allowing you to unlock more complex locks.

Another thing to know about the spell is that once you have cast it, it won’t automatically unlock the lock.

Instead, it opens an unlocking minigame similar to that in other games. In Hogwarts Legacy, you have to move both analog sticks to guide the red and green light in the correct spot to unlock the lock.

How to Use Alohamora 1 1

Source: Kleeluc

To use the spell, you must press the spell key on the locked lock. You must also have the associated tier upgrade to unlock it. Finally, you must complete the minigame.

And there you go!

That is how you use the Alohamore spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

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