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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Unlock Flight and Get a Broom

Take to the skies and explore Hogwarts faster with your trusty Broom!




Hogwarts Legacy How to Unlock Flight and Get a Broom

A classic Harry Potter staple, brooms are a must-have for traversal in Hogwarts Legacy.

Officially called Broomsticks, these magic tools allow you to use the power of flight. This can be done freely in the game’s open world and opens up many possibilities for exploration!

Without further ado, here’s everything you need about flight and Broomsticks in the game.

How to Unlock Flight in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Unlock Flight and Get a Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Source: EIP Gaming

You unlock flight naturally as you progress through the main quest line of Hogwarts Legacy.

As you complete quests, you’ll eventually open the Flying Class main quest which will teach you the basics of flight. To complete this quest, head to the marker as soon as the quest opens up to take the Flying Class.

For your first objective, you’ll have to follow the on-screen button prompts to get used to your Broomstick.

After you’re used to riding on your Broomstick, you’ll need to complete two flying courses. To complete it, all you need to do is fly through the rings in the air.

With the Flying Class complete, you now have access to flight! However, you still need to get a Broomstick yourself.

How to Get a Broomstick and Use It

The moment you finish the Flying Class quest, the Spintwitches Sporting Needs shop will open in Hogsmeade.

This shop has always been in Hogsmeade but it’s not accessible until you complete the previous quest, so it’s only now opening its doors.

How to Get and Use a Broomstick

Source: Game Guides Channel

Head to the shop and pick any Broomstick you fancy. They all cost 600 Gold and only have cosmetic differences.

Now that you own a Broomstick, there’s only one little thing left to do: take a Flight Test.

Travel back to Hogwarts and head to the Quidditch Pitch to talk with Imelda Reyes. She challenges you to beat her high score by completing a flying course.

Take advantage of the yellow speed bubbles in the course to get a speed boost. Fly through the hoops as fast as possible and beat the challenge.

How to Get and Use a Broomstick 1

With that final step taken care of, you can now use your Broomstick in the open world at any time! This makes traversal a lot faster and more fun.

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