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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Teleport (Fast Travel) | Floo Flames Guide

Move faster around Hogwarts with the help of the Floo Flame network.




Hogwarts Legacy How to Teleport Fast Travel Floo Flames Guide

Hogwarts Legacy makes use of the Floo Flames as the basis of its Fast Travel system.

Aspiring wizards and witches are able to activate the Floo Flames to connect them to the Floo Flame network, which they can later use to teleport.

In this short guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about using the Floo Flame network for travel.

How to Teleport (Fast Travel) in Hogwarts Legacy

Fast travel is available at any time from the in-game map menu. All you need to do is pick any location with an active Floo Flame and choose to travel to it to teleport to the location.

Activating Floo Flames is simple. Fans of the Harry Potter series will notice that there’s no need to use Floo Powder or anything like that.

How to Teleport Fast Travel in Hogwarts Legacy

Source: Hogwarts Legacy

The green flames are spread throughout the game’s world, usually placed as markers on walls.

Floo Flames are activated by simply walking near them. A Floo Flame icon and the name of the area will appear on the top center of the screen when this happens, indicating that the Floo Flame was activated.

To make it easier to find Floo Flames, they also appear on your minimap. Inactive Floo Flames are shown with a white icon while active ones are shown with a green icon.

Make sure to walk up to any white Floo Flame icon on your minimap to activate the Floo Flame for fast travel!

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