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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Start PlayStation Exclusive Quest

All you need to know is in this guide!




Hogwarts Legacy How to Start PlayStation Exclusive Quest

We have great news for Hogwarts Legacy players who own a Playstation console. Aside from the exclusive content available for each House, players with a PS4 or a PS5 can get an exclusive quest!

However, you can only access the exclusive quest after a certain point in the story.

We have crafted this guide to tell you everything you need to know about the Playstation-exclusive quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Finding the Quest

second trial
Source: WoW Quests

The first step to finding the exclusive quest is to complete the “second trial”. Once you’ve completed the second trial, a quest marker will appear in Hogsmeade (shown in the image) where you should travel to.

You will be looking for a quest named “Minding your Own Business” in the south section of Hogsmeade.

You need to look for an elf NPC standing outside of a shop. Interact with the elf so you can proceed with the quest.

Starting the Quest

Starting the Quest 1
Source: WoW Quests

After interacting with the elf, she will task you with finding another character named Cassandra Mason. After finding her, Cassandra will offer the player her shop for the “small” sum of 1500 coins.

Fret not, if you’re running short on money, there are lots of activities in the surrounding area that will generate that amount of income in a short period. Once you’ve bought the shop, you’ll get a domestic elf, along with your very own wizard shop. 

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