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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Solve the Stone Cube Pillar Puzzle of Merlin’s Trial

Solve the Stone Cube Pillar Puzzles with ease using our guide.




Hogwarts Legacy How to Solve the Stone Cube Pillar Puzzle of Merlins Trial

Merlin’s Trials are one of the many challenges you can find in Hogwarts Legacy’s open world. One of these trials takes the form of a pillar of stone cubes.

Using your spells and wits, you’ll have to match the symbols on both stones to complete the puzzles.

If you’re struggling to solve this puzzle, don’t worry. We got you covered in this guide!

How to Solve the Stone Cube Pillar Puzzle

How to Solve the Stone Cube Pillar Puzzle

Source: ZaFrostPet

The stone cube pillar puzzles are found as a pair of stones with symbols on their sides. The lower stone is immovable, but the upper stone can be flipped around by casting Flipendo.

To solve this puzzle, you have to use Flipendo on the upper stone until the symbols match the ones on the bottom stone.

The direction in which you hit the stone affects the way the stone rotates. This can be used to simplify the process of matching the symbols.

Here’s how you can solve it in the right order:

  • First, hit the upper stone from the front until it has the same symbol the lower stone has. Make sure the symbol on this side is the same, even if the rotation doesn’t match.
  • Now, hit the upper stone from the side. Keep casting Flipendo until the symbols on this side match. By doing this, you’ll also be rotating the symbol on the other side.
How to Solve the Stone Cube Pillar Puzzle 1

Source: ZaFrostPet

Using this method, the stone cube puzzles should be extremely easy to solve. By hitting the sides after matching the front, you’ll naturally rotate the front and back symbols to match too.

When you successfully match the symbols on the stone, roots and vines will raise and cover the stones. This locks them in place, preventing any accidental movements.

There are many stone cube pillar puzzles across Hogwarts, but what we’ve told you should apply to all of them. Now go out there and complete Merlin’s Trials!

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