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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Search for Signs of Poachers

Investigate the Poachers’ camp for clues!




Hogwarts Legacy How to Search for Signs of Poachers

In the fifth main mission of Hogwarts Legacy, Fire and Vice, you start to look into the poachers who were responsible for the dragon ring you had rescued earlier.

However, you still have the dragon’s egg that you released; the problem is that you can’t find it.

So now you must investigate the poachers further to find the dragon and return the egg. Let’s find out how you can complete this mission.

How to Search for Signs of Poachers

Luckily, you have stumbled across their camp, which they are no longer occupying. Now must search for clues within the camp about the dragon so you can progress.

Simply follow these steps:

Follow Poppy

Follow Poppy

Source: Sipder

To start the mission, you must first meet Poppy Sweeting. To do so, you must fly to the quest marker which is located in the western part of the North Ford Bog region.

Here, you will find Poppy. Talk to her to start the quest.

After the quest starts, you have to follow Poppy. Poppy will guide you on a path that leads through the woods and past the centaurs.

After some time, you will run into the abandoned camp that was once inhabited by the poachers.

Investigate the Camp

Investigate the Camp

Source: Sipder

The camp is filled with different objects you must inspect in order to get more clues about the poachers and the dragon.

In order to find objects to interact with, you have to use the Revelio spell. All of the items you can interact with and inspect will be highlighted in blue, as shown in the picture above.

You will have to inspect a cage, beast pelts, bonfire, and goblin metal, which is in the back of the camp.

This will then give you enough clues to progress to the next part of the mission.

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