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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Learn Spells for the First Time

Start your spell-casting journey and master them in no time!




Hogwarts Legacy How to Learn Spells for the First Time

Hogwarts Legacy features numerous spells to learn. Some are used for combat, some are used to help you explore the world more effectively, and some can be used for both.

Spells are clearly the backbone of the entire game. There are even puzzles and combat being built around them, so learning new ones is the best way to progress further in the game.

Learning spells for the first time isn’t the same as doing them every time after. This guide will teach you how to learn spells for the first time!

How to Perform a Spell for the First Time

How to Perform a Spell for the First Time

Source: Quick Tips

When casting a spell for the first time, you will enter a little mini-game in which you have to trace the line, as shown above.

You must use the left stick to guide your wand along the set line carefully. Along the line, there will be different inputs that you must tap once you have reached that point with your wand.

Mastering a Spell

Mastering a Spell

Source: Quick Tips

Once you have gone through the mini-game, you now have unlocked the spell. You can also now cast it whenever you please with just a single tap of the button.

The spell will now remain in your inventory.

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