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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Increase Brightness

All it takes is a little adjustment in the settings.

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Hogwarts Legacy How to Increase Brightness

Some games have a darker ambiance than others to the point that it’s harder for players to see their surroundings, especially in dimly lit areas or inside buildings.

Hogwarts Legacy is one such game, and it can be hard sometimes to explore and find secrets inside caves or dungeons in the game.

Luckily, you can solve that by increasing the brightness in-game. Here’s how.

Increasing the Brightness in Hogwarts Legacy

Increasing the Brightness in Hogwarts Legacy

Source: YourSixGaming

Lumos is a spell that you can use to brighten up the area around you. However, even with this in your arsenal, there are still areas that are too dark even if a light source is nearby.

Increasing the Brightness in Hogwarts Legacy 1

Source: YourSixGaming

To remedy this, you need to increase your brightness in-game. Simply head to the main menu then select Settings. Proceed to the Display options (the one with a monitor icon) and choose Image Calibration.

Click on it to be directed to HDR calibration where you can find four sliders. At this point, all you have to do is adjust the HDR brightness option to your preference.

You can even calibrate it so that you do not need to use Lumos, but it will irritate your eyes when you are in a lit-up area.

Increasing the Brightness in Hogwarts Legacy 2

Source: YourSixGaming

Don’t make it too bright, though, as it can cause some details in dark areas to be lost. If you want a really immersive experience, just make the brightness just enough for you to see in the dark.

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