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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get Seafoam Nightwear

Obtain this early game piece of gear and give yourself a head start.




Hogwarts Legacy How to Get Seafoam Nightwear

Hogwarts Legacy features dozens upon dozens of varied gear to help you customize your character’s abilities and appearance.

One such piece of gear is the Seafoam Nightwear which you can actually obtain fairly early on in the game. In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can get this piece of gear quickly and easily.

How to Get the Seafoam Nightwear

How to Get the Seafoam Nightwear


The Seafoam Nightwear can be potentially acquired the first time you visit Hogsmeade.

As part of the “Welcome to Hogsmeade” quest, you’ll be tasked with visiting the various shops available at Hogsmeade. One such shop is Ollivander’s which sells wands.

This shop is also where you can possibly get the Seafoam Nightwear.

Before you proceed, open your in-game menu and make a manual save. The game’s loot has some level of randomization to it, so what we’ll be doing is basically save scumming.

Find Ollivander’s wand shop on your minimap and head towards it. As soon as you enter the shop, turn to your left to find a blue chest by the entrance.

How to Get the Seafoam Nightwear 1


Open the blue chest for a chance to get the Seafoam Nightwear. Do note that the game’s loot has some level of randomization, so you might get something else entirely.

Sadly, there’s no 100% guaranteed spot to get this specific piece of gear. The blue chest at Ollivander’s shop is the only one we know of that has a high chance of containing the gear.

If you want to get the Seafoam Nightwear, reload your manual save and try again until you finally obtain it.

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