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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get Out of the Map Glitch | Fall Through Map

Fix this annoying glitch and get back to regular gameplay with our guide.




Hogwarts Legacy How to Get Out of the Map Glitch Fall Through Map

Due to its size and complexity, it’s not surprising that Hogwarts Legacy might have some bugs and glitches.

A particularly obnoxious glitch might cause players to fall through the playable game world, landing out of bounds. On top of that, they won’t be able to access the map and fast-travel when this happens.

If you’re affected by this, read on and we’ll go over various possible methods to fix this and get back to normal gameplay.

Getting Out of the Map Glitch

How to Get Out of the Map Glitch

Source: The Ginger Empire

There are multiple ways to get out of the map glitch, should you be affected by it.

Officially, Avalanche Software recommends quitting the game and loading the most recent save that you have. However, this isn’t ideal sometimes.

If you get stuck with your last save being too far back, you would lose a lot of progress by reloading. Thankfully, players have found alternative methods.

One method is to run to the edge of the map edge crossing the map line. At this point, your character should fall to another area. You should now be able to use the Floo Flame network to fast travel anywhere else.

How to Get Out of the Map Glitch 1

Source: The Ginger Empire

Another method is to go to the body of water east of Hogwarts. Again, this should reactivate the Floo Flame network so that you can fast-travel to a proper spot.

Additionally, some users have found that using the Broomstick to fly back up can also work. Currently, the developers are looking into patching this glitch as well.

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