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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Defeat The Guardians in the Prologue

Take out the Guardians and escape!




Hogwarts Legacy How to Defeat The Guardians in the Prologue

The prologue of Hogwarts Legacy acts as a sort of tutorial that will teach you a few basic spells like Lumos.

This mysterious mission has you alongside another Hogwarts professor, and your goal is to inspect a strange glowing object in a dark, dream-like room.

As you inspect the glowing object, it begins to swirl around, and everything goes dark until the other professor casts the Lumos spell. You can then see a Guardian statue, but only its reflection until you use Revelio.

After you have both cast Lumos, the statue comes to life, and more appear which you must then defeat. This guide will show you how.

How to Defeat the Guardians with the Professor

How to Defeat the Guardians with the Professor

Source: Guides Gamepressure

Numerous Guardians begin to spawn at once, with the professor fighting them off with Leviosa and other spells you have yet to learn.

The statues can easily take you out, so you must take them out with Protego once they have charged their attacks and when the prompt appears on the screen.

Once you have pressed it, you will cast Protego. You will also have to parry when prompted by pressing triangle or Y.

After you hit them with Protego three times, you can finish them off with Basic Cast. To do so, lock onto the statues and tap R2 or the right trigger to eliminate them.

How to Defeat the Guardians Alone

How to Defeat the Guardians Alone

Source: Guides Gamepressure

After you have taken out all of the Guardians, a large flash of light will blind you, and the professor will go missing.

You will have to use Lumos and follow the Wisps to another strange glowing object, which you have to use Revelio on. This will spawn more Guardians.

The statues come to life after you have inspected a chest to the side of the area the statues are in. Use Lumos to show you where to stand; this time, you’ll be in front of all three statues. Now

Now, just defeat the statues the same way you did the first time.

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