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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Create The Ultimate Evil Character

Bring out the evil within as you explore Hogwarts.




Hogwarts Legacy How to Create The Ultimate Evil Character

With Hogwarts Legacy being such a massive open world game, players are given many options to customize their characters.

Some players might choose to be the goody-two-shoes kind of wizard or witch. Meanwhile, others would rather be evil and explore the Dark Arts. The good news is, the game caters to both, fulfilling the power fantasy for everyone.

If you’re one of those wizards or witches who want to explore their darker side, then here’s everything you need about making an evil character in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Create The Ultimate Evil Character in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Create The Ultimate Evil Character in Hogwarts Legacy

Before we get started, note that the game features no morality system of any sort. Making your character evil is a role-playing element but won’t greatly impact the game’s story.

While you ultimately will be led towards more-or-less the same story as regular “good” wizards and witches, the actual road to that conclusion will be filled with your evil deeds.

Some side-quests might allow you to choose more evil options, however, giving you more roleplay options.

Regardless, the first thing you’ll want to do should be obvious to fans of the Harry Potter series: pick Slytherin as your House. The wizards in this house are generally more accepting of exploring the Dark Arts.

In fact, your companion when you play as Slytherin is Sebastian Sallow, who is willing to learn everything about the Dark Arts to help his sister.

How to Create The Ultimate Evil Character in Hogwarts Legacy 1

With that said, you’ll want to focus on attending the Dark Arts classes and learning the related spells. This will allow you to get some truly evil spells later in the game.

For those less knowledgeable about the series, these spells do the following:

  • Crucio: This is basically a torture spell, causing targets excruciating pain.
  • Imperio: This will allow you to take control of your target, breaking their will.
  • Avada Kedavra: This a straightforward curse that is highly shunned, this spell instantly kills its target.

You’ll also want to get the dragon mount as soon as it becomes available. Nothing says evil quite like riding a gigantic flying fire-breathing lizard around Hogwarts!

You have many options for cosmetics that will allow you to make your character look like your personal definition of evil.

How to Create The Ultimate Evil Character in Hogwarts Legacy 2

If you own the Deluxe Edition of the game, your purchase of the game also comes with the Dark Arts Pack. This will give you the Thestral mount and some Dark Arts-inspired cosmetics.

Despite the lack of a morality system in the game tracking your evil deeds, you’ll definitely feel like an evil wizard if you take the advice in this guide.

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