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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Collect the Dragon Egg

Solve the puzzle to get the Dragon Egg upon completion.

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Hogwarts Legacy How to Collect the Dragon Egg

Dragons have always been fascinating creatures. Some can sour through the skies while some live underwater. They’re also present in Hogwarts Legacy, and you can even get by via a Dragon Egg.

In one of the game’s many quests, you will get an objective to collect a Dragon Egg. This guide will show you how to do it.

Collect the Dragon Egg

Collect the Dragon Egg 1

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The objective to collect the Dragon Egg is part of the Fire and Vice quest given to you by the Hufflepuff student, Poppy Sweeting.

Once you obtain the quest from her, you will have to complete the objectives until you reach Horntail Hall.

After investigating Horntail Hall, you will then encounter a Chained Dragon being attacked by Poachers.

Collect the Dragon Egg 2

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Following a brief cutscene, your next objective is to reach the captive Dragon by heading to the right and then entering the room.

Once you’re inside the room, you will then receive the objective to collect the Dragon Egg.

Collect the Dragon Egg 3

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You will find the Dragon Egg locked inside a cage, but to get it, you will need to solve a puzzle first.

To start, simply use the Alohomora spell.

Collect the Dragon Egg 4

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To solve the puzzle, you need to align the red and green spark and let the cogs at the right and middle rotate simultaneously.

If you are on the PC, use Q and E for the green spark and A and D for the red spark. On console, you only need the dual joysticks to control them.

After solving the puzzle, you can collect the Dragon Egg and continue toward the Captive Dragon.

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