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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Catch a Diricawl (Location)

Rescue the magical Diricawl beast using your Nap-Sack.




Hogwarts Legacy How to Catch a Diricawl Location

Diricawls are flightless birds that you can encounter and even capture in Hogwarts Legacy.

These skittish birds are incapable of flight, but they can vanish and disappear when they feel danger. This can make them hard to catch if you’re not careful.

In this short guide, we’ll go over how to catch Diricawls and where you can find them.

How to Catch a Diricawl in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Catch a Diricawl in Hogwarts Legacy

Source: LunarGaming Guides

Diricawls can be frequently found around the South Hogwarts Region, most commonly at the Clagmar Coast.

If you want to catch Diricawls, you should first need to learn how to use your Nab-Sack which you can get by completing Deek’s quest called “The Elf, The Nab-Sack and the Loom”.

This quest becomes available after you progress the main story quests to unlock the Room of Requirement and the Beasts Class.

How to Catch a Diricawl in Hogwarts Legacy 1

Source: LunarGaming Guides

Completing the quest will teach you everything you need to know about how to use your Nap-Sack to capture beasts, as well as reward you with the Nab-Sack itself.

With the Nab-Sack ready to go, head to the Diricawl Den at the Clagmar Coast in South Hogwarts.

Refer to the image above for the exact location.

How to Catch a Diricawl in Hogwarts Legacy 2

Source: LunarGaming Guides

Once you get there, you’ll find a lot of DIricawls hanging around on the beach. Approach them carefully as they are extremely skittish and will run away once you approach.

If you wish, you can use Levioso to temporarily suspend one in mid-air, making it easier to capture.

Regardless of how you do it, approach the DIricawls and rescue them with your Nab-Sack! Diricawls will return to this spot after some time passes, so you can come again later if you need more.

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