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Hogwarts Legacy: How Long to Complete 100%

Learn just how much of a time sink exploring Hogwarts will be.




Hogwarts Legacy How Long to Complete 100

The long-awaited Hogwarts Legacy is finally nearing its release. A sprawling open world adventure with RPG elements, the game is no doubt going to be quite lengthy and full of content.

But just how long should completionists expect to spend with the game?

Read on as we digest what we know about Hogwarts Legacy’s playtime.

How Long to Complete 100% in Hogwarts Legacy

How Long to Complete 100 in Hogwarts Legacy

Let’s first clear up that there’s no official estimate of how long the game takes to complete to 100% currently.

On top of that, personal skill and playstyle could make any player take more or less time with the game.

Regardless, we do know that the game is estimated to take about 35 to 40 hours to complete the main story.

Getting to 100%, which involves completing every side quest and gathering every collectible, is estimated to take around 70 hours of playtime.

Game designer Alan Tew said it personally took him 80 hours, so the 70-hour estimate seems accurate.

These estimates mostly come from the game’s official art book which leaked to the internet in January 2023.

As always, take this sort of information with a grain of salt until the game is actually released and players can share their playtime.

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