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Hogwarts Legacy: How Evil Can You Be | Use of Dark Magic

All you need is to use Unforgivable Curses to become evil!

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Hogwarts Legacy How Evil Can You Be Use of Dark Magic

Hogwarts Legacy is set in the 19th century, so if you’re expecting characters like Dumbledore or Voldemort, you’ll be disappointed.

If you want, you can just become Voldemort yourself in the game. But how evil can you exactly be, and will your House disown you or Hogwarts expel you?

Let’s find out the answers to these questions:

How to Become Evil in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Become Evil in Hogwarts Legacy

Source: Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy lets you have the freedom to join the dark side and become a wizard or witch like Voldemort or Bellatrix.

As mentioned by the developers, you can become evil by casting Unforgivable curses. You can cast them on your enemies, but if an in-game character sees you, they will react accordingly.

The caveat is that you can only use it on enemies while doing a side quest or mission.

How to Become Evil in Hogwarts Legacy 1

Source: Hogwarts Legacy

This means you can’t use it on other students or teachers in Hogwarts. Additionally, it does not matter what House you are in; you can still be evil.

The ending of Hogwarts Legacy will also depend on your choices and what you are doing. For example, if you are using Unforgivable curses all the time, you might end up becoming the next Dark Lord or even worse.

After all, there are multiple endings and some of them might be darker than others.

If you’re having second thoughts about being a Dark Wizard or Witch, you can utilize the many save slots in Hogwarts Legacy so you don’t need to create just one character.

You can have both Good and Evil depending on your mood.

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