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Hogwarts Legacy: Haunted Toilets Location

Find the Haunted Toilets and get the Field Guide page for this location.




Hogwarts Legacy Haunted Toilets Location

One of the many collectibles in Hogwarts Legacy tasks players with finding various landmarks and obtaining Field Guide Pages from them.

The subject of this short guide is one such landmark: the Haunted Toilets.

This guide will show you where to find the Haunted Toilets so you can grab the Haunted Toilets Field Guide page.

Where to Find the Haunted Toilets

Where to Find the Haunted Toilets

Source: Sipder

The Haunted Toilets are a malfunctioning set of toilets that are frequently used by the ghost Peeves to prank students.

These haunted toilets can be found on the ground floor of the Gryffindor Tower in the South Wing.

You can easily reach this spot by using the Floo Flame fast travel network. Simply travel to the Bell Tower Courtyard Floo Flame to get started.

Now, head north from the Floo Flame location and go down the stairs past the huge map. Head left and you’ll reach the bathroom hall.

Where to Find the Haunted Toilets 1

To get the Field Guide page associated with the location, you’ll need to learn the Revelio spell first. Once you have it, cast Revelio on the bathroom door to obtain the Field Guide page.

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