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Hogwarts Legacy: Feldcroft Arrow Stones Treasure Vault Puzzle Solution

Time to put your Wingardium Leviosa to use!




Hogwarts Legacy Feldcroft Arrow Stones Treasure Vault Puzzle Solution

Treasure Vaults contain chests that can be found across Hogwarts Legacy’s open world. While discovering them is one thing, you must also learn how to unlock them.

Even if entering these Treasure Vaults requires the completion of a relatively confusing puzzle, it is usually well worth the effort because they contain valuable things.

As you explore the open world of Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll notice that each Treasure Vault has a specific puzzle tied to it.

For this guide, we’ll teach you how to unlock the Arrow Stones Treasure Vault in the Feldcroft area.

Enter the Treasure Vault

Enter the Treasure Vault

Source: WoW Quests

The Arrow Stones Treasure Vault is located near the shoreline west of Rookwood Castle Floo Flame.

Once you head there, you’ll be blocked by a door. Cast Depulsio or Accio to open it. Head inside the Treasure Vault until you reach the area with arrow stones.

Stack Arrow Stones

To solve puzzles involving arrow-engraved stone blocks, put the misplaced blocks in the right spot and fill in the gaps to follow a pattern.

Stack the Arrow Stones

Source: WoW Quests

The solution to these puzzles already exists in another stack of blocks in the room. Simply replicate the arrow pattern on the completely stacked blocks, take the misplaced blocks, and stack them in the right spots.

Keep in mind that the arrow block must be pointing in the same direction as the one from the pattern stack, or else you will not be able to solve the puzzle.

Raise and rotate a block using Wingardium Leviosa. To turn a block, use your controller’s directional pad or Q and E on a keyboard.

While it is possible to launch the block into space with Depulso, it is challenging to hurl it precisely into the gap.

If you have not learned Wingardium Leviosa, take note of the puzzle room’s location and return after you have the spell. Wingardium Leviosa becomes available after finishing Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1.

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