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Hogwarts Legacy: Essential, Offensive, Unforgivable Spells Guide

Spells are categorized into either Essential, Offensive, or Unforgivable.




Hogwarts Legacy Essential Offensive Unforgivable Spells Guide

As a wizard who can use a wide variety of spells, there will always be great responsibility and accountability every single time you use one.

No matter how powerful you are, there are limits to which spells you’re allowed to use.

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are spells that the school considers Essential, Offensive, and Unforgivable.

These categories allow students to set boundaries and limitations on the spells that they know and spells that they can safely use.

This guide will go through all the spells under these categories to further explain the wonders of magical spells.

Essential, Offensive, and Unforgivable Spells Guide

Essential Offensive and Unforgivable Spells Guide

Source: Baldard Gaming

Just like in any school, Hogwarts also has its rules regarding the students’ use of spells.

Even though students are taught all of the existing spells, not all of them are safe and encouraged to use.

That is because some spells are harmful while some are pretty safe. This rule only concerns the welfare of every wizard who knows how to use magic.

As mentioned, spells are categorized into three types: Essential, Offensive, and Unforgivable. Let’s go over each category and point out some good examples.

Essential Spells

Essential Spells

Source: Baldard Gaming

Some spells are considered essential because once you unlock them, you will likely need to use them every time.

You can also observe that essential spells mostly concern the safety of the user.

Essential Spells 1

Source: Baldard Gaming

A good example of this is Protego, a spell that casts a shield to the user to deflect any basic attack and magic spells besides Avada Kedavra.

Essential Spells 2

Source: Baldard Gaming

Another good example is Stupefy which stuns your targeted enemy for a short while, allowing you to land combo attacks.

Offensive Spells

Offensive Spells

As implied in its name, offensive spells are used to protect the user from any incoming attacks from the enemies.

One common example is the Revelio charm which reveals any hidden enemy or objects around the area. Plus, it can also expose any secret passages.

Offensive Spells 1

Another example is Accio which allows you to retrieve something from afar without the need to go near it.

In combat, Accio will be too powerful when paired with Flipendo which has the ability to knock back enemies.

Offensive Spells 2

Another offense spell is Incendio which allows the user to produce fire all around that deals massive damage to enemies.

Aside from that, there’s also the Difindo spell that releases a slicing attack.

Offensive Spells 3

Then there’s Pertificus Totalus which allows you to stun and petrify the enemy after casting.

Lastly, we have Riddikulus which makes the enemy laugh uncontrollably for a while, thereby preventing them from attacking.

Unforgivable Curses

Unforgivable Curses

Lastly, the unforgivable curses are spells that are not meant to be used by any wizard regardless of the reason.

Once the Ministry of Magic is alerted about someone using this, that caster will automatically be sent to Azkaban.

But in the context of this game, you can use these spells, especially in combat. However, the cost of using it is still unknown.

The only spells within this category are Avada Kedavra, Crucio, and Imperio.

Avada Kedavra is a killing spell, Crucio is a torture spell, and Imperio is a mind control spell.

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