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Hogwarts Legacy: Door Puzzle 24/14 Solution

This puzzle requires a bit of math and a bit of magic.

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Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle 24 14 Solution

There are various kinds of puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy. The most common one involves doors that you can unlock with the use of the Alohomora spell.

However, there are unique ones like the Arithmancy door located at the Great Hall. If you’re struggling to figure out how to solve it, we’ll show you how in this guide.

Open the Arithmancy Door at the Great Hall

Open the Arithmancy Door at the Great Hall

Source: GosuNoob

The door at the Great Hall is surrounded by symbols of beasts which indicates it is an Arithmancy door. If you have the Arithmancy Study Guide page, this will make it easier to solve the equation on the door. However, you can solve the puzzle without it.

To start, you have to remember that each symbol represents a number starting from 0 to 9. This is also shown at the door, starting from left to right.

This means that the first beast symbol on the left represents 0. Meanwhile, the Arithmancy door in the Great Hall shows 24 and 14.

Open the Arithmancy Door at the Great Hall 1

Source: The Ginger Empire

To get 24, you need to add 7, an unknown number, and a beast symbol.

With the knowledge previously mentioned, we will see that the symbol that looks like a beast with tons of heads represents the number 9. The equation will then turn into 7+9+?=24.

The number you need is 8 which is the Spider symbol. Head to the dial on the left, then roll it into the Spider symbol.

Open the Arithmancy Door at the Great Hall 2

Source: The Ginger Empire

For 14, we are shown the equation 11 + a beast symbol + ?. The beast symbol is 0 which means the ? is 3.

The symbol representing the number 3 is the hydra. For this, head to the dial on the right, then roll it into the hydra.

This will then solve the puzzle and open the dear. Head inside to find two chests after solving it.

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