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Hogwarts Legacy: Cressida’s Flying Books Locations

Talking pictures? Flying books? Everything is just possible in Hogwarts.




Hogwarts Legacy Cressidas Flying Books Locations 1

Everything in Hogwarts Legacy is surrounded by magic. Even the simplest objects world can also be affected and controlled by magic.

It might sound amazing, but when things act as if they have their own life, things might just get messy.

This is what happens to the flying books owned by Cressida Blume. Her quest involves you collecting those books, and this guide shows you where to find them.

Where to Find Cressida’s Flying Books

Cressidas Flying Books

Cressida Blume, who belongs to House Gryffindor, had an issue with her books suddenly flying around.

Due to this event, she will ask you to help her collect them all. All in all, there are 5 different books – including her diary – that you have to find and collect in the locations below.

Where to Find Cressidas Flying Books

Source: Sipder

For the first book, head down to the first floor of the library. From there, you will see this low-flying book near the door. Use the Accio spell to get it from afar.

Where to Find Cressidas Flying Books 1

Source: Sipder

The second one can be seen if you go to the staircase on the second floor. You can easily get that book from there using the Accio spell.

Where to Find Cressidas Flying Books 2

Source: Sipder

The third book is along the corridor of the library’s second floor. If you look closely, you will see it easily.

However, if you ever find it hard to find, you can use the Revelio spell.

Where to Find Cressidas Flying Books 3

The fourth book can be found floating but not moving in between the bookshelves located on the other side of the previous one.

Where to Find Cressidas Flying Books 4

The last book can be seen in this part of the hall. From this position, you can easily see it flying book the white gate railings.

Basically, you have to use both the Revelio and Accio spells for this quest. Once you have collected the books, simply return them to Cressida to complete the quest.

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