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Hogwarts Legacy: Collect Field Guide Pages

Reveal the missing pieces from hidden puzzles to collect the Field Guide pages.




Hogwarts Legacy Clock Tower Courtyard Guide Talk to Lucan

Hogwarts Legacy features different types of spells, and not all of them are for fighting only. Some essential spells will be very helpful for completing certain tasks and quests.

One good example is collecting Field Guide pages which mostly require you to use your spells. That being said, we made this guide to help you locate two Field Guide pages from the Like a Moth to a Frame and Haunted Toilets quests.

How to Collect the Field Guide Pages

How to Collect the Field Guide Pages

All around the Hogwarts Castle, you will have to find the existing pages that are hidden from different objects in different locations.

To help you with that, you can use Revelio to immediately see the objects involved in the following quests:

Like a Moth to a Frame

Like a Moth to a Frame

Source: Sipder

You can find this quest in the Central Hall. There, you will notice an empty painting on the wall where Lenora Everleigh is looking at. This has been a mystery to everyone for a long while.

Like a Moth to a Frame 1

Source: Sipder

Once you have obtained the book from the flying pages around, go to this empty mirror and use Lumos.

After you cast the spell, this frame will show you a picture of a spot from the castle. What you have to do now is to locate that spot and look for the next hint.

Like a Moth to a Frame 2

Source: Sipder

From your location in front of the frame, go to the staircase going down on your right side. As you go down the stairs, you will see a large moth sticking to the wall. In case you are having a hard time looking for it, use Revelio.

Like a Moth to a Frame 3

Source: Sipder

To get the moth, use Lumos so it will fly around your wand. Go back to the empty frame and use Depulso to attach it to the frame.

The first Field Guide page will then appear and the frame will vanish.

Haunted Toilets

Haunted Toilets

After the previous quest, head straight to the boys’ bathroom by traversing through the Defence the Dark Arts Tower Floo Flame.

As you enter, keep moving forward and go to the left door at the end of the aisle.

Haunted Toilets 1

This door will lead you to the bridge. Enter the castle, turn right, and enter the door. Behind it, you will see the boys’ bathroom.

Use Revelio to reveal the second Field Guide page.

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