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Hogwarts Legacy: Collect Field Guide Pages 2/2 Locations

Get these Field Guide Pages with the use of spells.

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Hogwarts Legacy Collect Field Guide Pages 2 2 Locations

Once you arrive in Hogwarts and discover which house you are in, you can now explore the school to find secrets and collectibles.

One of the collectibles you can find is the Field Guide Pages. We’ll show you two locations where you can obtain them.

Field Guide Pages Location

Field Guide Pages Location

Source: Sipder

Field Guide Pages are one of the many collectibles you can find in the game, and you can collect them with the use of certain spells.

Some pages must be revealed first with the use of Revelio while some only need you to use the Accio spell to obtain.

That said, you can find them in the following areas:

Accio Page, Library

Accio Page Library

Source: Sipder

The first page is located at the Library. If you’ve unlocked the Floo Flames in the Library, fast-travel to it then go up a spiral staircase.

You will immediately see a flying Field Guide page once you reach the upper level.

Use the Accio spell to retrieve it.

Revelio Page, Statue of Gregory the Smarmy

Revelio Page Statue of Gregory the Smarmy

Source: Sipder

If you are near a Field Guide page needing a Revelio spell, you will find a faint shimmer and a chime sound effect.

You can obtain one of the first pages from the Statue of Gregory the Smarmy.

Revelio Page Statue of Gregory the Smarmy 1

Source: Sipder

To start, head over to the Floo Flames in the Central Hall, down to the hall, and turn left when you reach the central fountain. Descend the stairs, then turn left to find a statue.

Use Revelio to reveal the Field Guide page and obtain it.

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