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Hogwarts Legacy: Coasting Along Trophy Guide

Learn how to unlock the Coasting Along trophy.

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Hogwarts Legacy Coasting Along Trophy Guide

One of the communities that Hogwarts Legacy attracts is trophy collectors.

These are groups of people in the community who are hell-bent on completing all achievements for the games they play.

One trophy that you can unlock in the game is the Coasting Along trophy. This guide will teach you how to unlock it.

How to Unlock the Coasting Along Trophy

There are specific steps you have to accomplish to receive this achievement. Here are the steps you need to take:

Go to the Merlin Trial

Go to the Merlin Trial

Source: Descendant Gamer

To unlock the Coasting Along trophy, you must go to the Merlin Trial location shown in the image above.

You can reach this location by traveling on foot or using your flying broom.

Buy Sense of Secrecy II Talent

Buy Sense of Secrecy II Talent

Source: Descendant Gamer

To have a better chance of evading enemies, make sure to buy the Sense of Secrecy II Talent. This will reduce the enemy’s ability to detect you. You can find it under the stealth tab.

Equip and Use Disillusionment

Equip and Use Disillusionment

Source: Descendant Gamer

Once you arrive at the location, use your Disillusionment spell and simply follow the trail up the mains. Your improved spell will make sure you will remain undetected.

Once you evade a lot of these enemies, you will then unlock the trophy.

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