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Hogwarts Legacy: Clock Tower Courtyard Guide | Talk to Lucan

Find the hidden Field Guide Paper and go to Lucan.




Hogwarts Legacy Clock Tower Courtyard Guide Talk to Lucan 1

Aside from potions, magic, and wonders, Hogwarts Legacy is full of mysteries and puzzles that you have to solve and find out.

One of the tasks that you can do is to search for all the Field Guide Pages around the school. One of them is the Levioso Field Guide Pages which we will cover in this article.

Here, we’re going to show you where and how you can get this Field Guide Page in the Clock Tower Courtyard.

Clock Tower Courtyard Guide

Clock Tower Courtyard Guide

Source: Sipder

To complete all the Levioso Field Guide Pages, you have to roam and explore eight different locations and use the Levioso spell to reveal all the pages.

The first among all the locations is the Clock Tower Courtyard at the base of Clock Tower in Hogwarts Castle.

Field Guide Page Locations

Field Guide Page Locations

Source: Sipder

To start your quest on finding the Levioso Field Guide Page, you have to first go to the Clock Tower Courtyard. Use your map to guide you to your location.

As you can see from the provided picture above, there will be yellow dotted lines that will lead you to your destination.

Simply follow this direction and you will discover the Floo Flames Location where this statue is placed.

Field Guide Page Locations 1

Source: Sipder

At first, you will notice that nothing here is useful, but after you use the Levioso spell, open the orb to find the Field Guide Page.

After that, simply follow the dotted lines again so you’ll arrive at Lucan’s location and talk to him.

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