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Hogwarts Legacy: Charm Class Quest Guide

Learn how to ace the Charms lectures right now!




Hogwarts Legacy Charm Class Quest Guide

Finally, after years of waiting, Harry Potter fans will be able to attend lectures within Hogwarts!

This magnificent experience will feature some classic wizardly lectures, such as Defense Against Dark Arts, Herbology, and even the renowned Charms Class.

The Charm Class is the third quest main in the game. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know to complete the quest.

How to Look for the Classroom

How to Look for the Classroom

Source: FP Good Game

The first step towards starting the quest is to head over to the Charms classroom. To find it, you need to simply open the Wizard’s Field Guide and look for its icon within the map.

You should have the Field Guide at some point during your first day.

You can use the Charmed Compass tool to easily guide yourself to the classroom.

You can track the quest by pressing and holding the up button on your D-pad. It will then reveal a golden trail that will lead you to the quest’s start. 

How to Attend the Charms Class

How to Attend the Charms Class

Source: FP Good Game

After starting the quest, you will need to perform the Accio spell to complete the quest. You can use this spell to grab targets and break guards, so rest assured it will be worth the effort.

However, you will have to win a small competition to complete the quest. Luckily, it’s quite simple as you only need to move boulders with the Accio spell to certain spots while also knocking your opponent’s boulders.

Once you win, the quest will then be completed.

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