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Hogwarts Legacy: Can You Change the Color of an Item

You don’t need a dye to change an item’s color

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Hogwarts Legacy Can You Change the Color of an Item

One such curiosity that players have when playing Hogwarts Legacy is the ability to change an item’s color. A lot are even wondering if that’s possible.

Well, we’re here to help you find that out.

Is it Possible to Change the Color of an Item

Is it Possible to Change the Color of an Item

Source: Gamerpillar

Long story short: yes, you can change an item’s color. The caveat, however, is that you can only do it within The Room of Requirement.

To start, simply head over to the Room of Requirement and speak to Professor Weasly to start a quest. One of her quest’s objectives is to change an item’s color.

She will then give you the Altering Spell which you need to use on an item to change its color.

Equip the Altering Spell and aim it on a floor decoration, furniture, or anything in the Room of Requirement.

You will see the item’s information on the right of the screen, along with the option to change its color.

Is it Possible to Change the Color of an Item 1

Source: Gamerpillar

Press F on the keyboard to choose from various colors, and press it again to change its visuals. After that, you will then be able to complete Professor Weasley’s quest which will permanently grant you the Altering Spell, 2 Conjuration Spellcraft, and 180XP.

As mentioned, transfiguration spells only work in the Room of Requirement, so please do not try to change the color of every item you find in Hogwarts.

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