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Hogwarts Legacy: Best Students and Professors You Need to Know

Meet some of the key characters you will find in Hogwarts.




Hogwarts Legacy Best Students and Professors You Need to Know

Hogwarts is filled with hundreds of students and dozens of professors. As you play through the game, you will meet most of them as you explore the 19th-century rendition of Hogwarts.

In this article we’ll go over some of the most important characters you’ll meet throughout the game.

Best Students and Professors You Need to Know in Hogwarts Legacy

As a huge sprawling open-world RPG, Hogwarts Legacy is chockfull of characters to meet. As such, we can’t exhaustively cover them all.

However, we’ll go over some of the most important characters: the companion students and the various professors.

The Companion Students

Each of the four houses of Hogwarts has one character that represents them and acts as a companion to the player, depending on the house the player joined.

The Companion Students

First off is Slytherin’s Sebastian Sallow. A charming and extroverted young man, Sebastian will do anything to free his sister from her curse. Even if it means dabbling in the forbidden arts.

The Companion Students 1

Natsai Onai is Gryffindor’s companion character. She moved from Africa after her mother became a professor at Hogwarts. She’s characterized by her unwavering sense of justice.

The Companion Students 2

Hufflepuff’s Poppy Sweeting is the resident expert on creatures. An absolute sweetheart, she greatly cares for the well-being of magical creatures.

This does make her greatly loathe poachers and those who harm the creatures, however.

The Companion Students 3

Last but not least is Ravenclaw’s Amit Thakkar. He’s fascinated by books and the stars and spends most of his time reading.

He aspires to be a wizarding historian and is already working on his memoirs.

The Professors

There are many professors to meet in your time at Hogwarts, some of them can be a tad eccentric to say the last.

The Professors

First we have the current headmaster, Professor Phineas Nigellus Black, an ancestor of Sirius Black. Not exactly a beloved headmaster, he’s known for disliking his students as much as they dislike him.

The Professors 1

We also have Gryffindor’s deputy headmistress, Matilda Weasley. She gives you access to the Room of Requirement where you can make potions and upgrade items, among other things.

The Professors 2

Charms Professor Abraham Ronen is known for being a very jovial man with a very unorthodox teaching style. He’s also quite fond of games.

The Professors 3

Professor Aesop Sharp is the resident potions expert. He used to be an Auror but an injury forced him into retiring.

He chose to become a professor to share his knowledge with fellow wizards.

The Professors 4

Professor Cuthbert Binns teaches History of Magic. How he died and became a ghost is currently unknown.

The Professors 5

Professor Dinah Hecat teaches the extremely important Defense Against the Dark Arts class. She is stern and her methods are sometimes put under scrutiny, but she is well-regarded.

She’s also rumored to have spent time at the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry of Magic.

The Professors 6

Professor Eleazar Fig is also a key professor. He is usually busy as he works against the villains of the game, Ranrok and Rookwood, as he aims to stop their villainous schemes.

The Professors 7

Professor Mirabel Garlick is the teacher of Herbology. She was raised by muggles and was at first unsured of enlistening into Hogwarts. She charms her students and colleagues with her sunny disposition.

The Professors 9

Professor Onai is the Divination teacher. She transferred from Africa recently, bringing her daughter Natsai with her.

The Professors 10

Lastly, we have Professor Satyavati Shah who is the one responsible for teaching astronomy. Like Ms. Garlick, she was raised by muggles.

She loves the sciences and is extremely devoted to astronomy.

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