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Hogwarts Legacy: Best Settings for Console Players

Tweak your settings to optimize your gaming experience.




Hogwarts Legacy Best Settings for Console Players 1

To get the most out of your Hogwarts Legacy experience, it’s crucial to choose the optimum settings.

Good graphics and smooth gameplay are essential when it comes to enjoying a game with vast open-world mechanics.

Moreover, knowing which settings are best for you will allow you to enjoy the game more. After all, how can you give justice to the game’s beautiful graphics if you’re experiencing FPS drops?

So, if you’re playing Hogwarts Legacy on Consoles, the following settings will help optimize your game:

Display Settings

Display Settings

Source: Red Beard The Gamer

If you’re playing Hogwarts Legacy on a PS5 or Xbox Series X, you have five graphics settings modes to pick from:

  • Fidelity: This option prioritizes the game’s resolution and graphical quality. The only catch is that it does it at a reduced frame rate. In this setting, you may anticipate the game to operate at 30 frames per second.
  • Fidelity with Raytracing: This mode has all the characteristics of the Fidelity mode and Raytracing.
  • Performance Mode: This setting is intended for those that value frame rate over graphical quality. So while the game may not be visually pleasing, it will provide you with some of the most outstanding performances you can imagine.
  • HFR Performance: This option allows for significantly faster frame rates than the Performance mode. However, your output device, which is your display, must also support it. Otherwise, it’s the same as playing the game in Performance mode.
  • Balanced Mode: This option provides a balanced experience between Performance and Fidelity.

In terms of playing Hogwarts Legacy on consoles, the choice will depend on your personal preferences.

If you want a pleasant visual experience, use the Fidelity modes. However, if you want to enjoy smooth gameplay with slight graphical sacrifices, the Performance options are for you.

Audio Options

Audio Options

Source: Red Beard The Gamer

When it comes to your Audio Options, this will entirely depend on whether you’re using headphones or a speaker.

Some options, like the Dialogue Subtitles, will be totally up to your preference if you want to toggle them on or off.

Control Options

Control Options

Source: Red Beard The Gamer

For your Control Options, it is highly recommended to leave things by default so you don’t get confused.

Unless you have a specific Control setting that you are comfortable with and can quickly memorize, it’s best to leave the Control Options as is.

Gameplay Options

Gameplay Options

Gameplay Options involve camera and difficulty options that you may customize to your desire. We highly suggest setting it to the following values:

  • Motion Sensor Function Sensitivity – 1.47
  • Camera Sensitivity – 1
  • Aiming Sensitivity – 1.4
  • Camera Acceleration – 1
  • Aiming Acceleration – 1
  • Follow Camera Speed – 1.2

While the rest will be left as is.

These settings will prevent too much shaking and improve your overall gaming experience in Hogwarts Legacy.

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