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Hogwarts Legacy: All Deluxe Edition Rewards Overview

Get a cool-looking mount among other exclusive in-game freebies!

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Hogwarts Legacy All Deluxe Edition Rewards Overview

Hogwarts Legacy is finally out for people who have preordered the Deluxe Edition. And if you happened to be one of them, then you are in for a treat.

Aside from granting early access to the game, you can also obtain several exclusive in-game rewards. Let’s have a look at all of them.

All Deluxe Edition Rewards

All Deluxe Edition Rewards

Source: Sipder

The Deluxe Edition of Hogwarts Legacy includes the base game, 72 hours of early game access regardless of the platform, and a Dark Arts Pack.

Let’s look at what the pack includes.

Dark Arts Pack

Dark Arts Pack

Source: Sipder

Inside the Dark Arts Pack, you will obtain a Dark Arts Cosmetic Set that looks similar to the design of the Death Eaters costume, along with a Dark Arts Garrison Hat.

Dark Arts Pack 1

Source: Sipder

Included in the pack is the skeletal winged horse Thestral which is also known as omens of misfortune.

Dark Arts Pack 2

Source: Sipder

Lastly, you will receive the Dark Arts Battle Arena along with it. Here you will fight waves of enemies while using the Unforgivable Curses: Avada Kedavra, Imperio, and Crucio.

Haunted Hogsmeade Shop Quest (PlayStation Exclusive)

Haunted Hogsmeade Shop Quest Playstation Exclusive

If you purchased the Deluxe Edition for the PS5, you can obtain the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop Quest where you can receive the “Shopkeeper’s Cosmetic Set” upon completion.

Felix Felicis Potion Recipe

Felix Felicis Potion Recipe

Similar to the previous freebie, you can only obtain this if you pre-ordered on the PlayStation.

The Felix Felicis Potion, also known as Liquid Luck, makes you lucky for a short period after drinking it.

You can receive this if you preordered the Standard or Deluxe edition.

Onyx Hippogriff

Onyx Hippogriff

Another cool-looking mount that you can use to traverse the land or soar the skies is the Onyx Hippogriff. You can receive it if you preordered the Standard or Deluxe Edition of the game.

Other than these, all other items can be obtained during your playthrough.

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