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Hogwarts Legacy: A Demanding Delivery Quest Guide

Deliver the invisibility potions to Fatimah to complete this quest!




Hogwarts Legacy A Demanding Delivery Quest Guide

You’ll find a lot of additional activities to partake in as you explore the world of Hogwarts Legacy. In Hogsmeade, for example, you’ll find many side quests that will involve you helping out those living in the area.

One such side quest, A Demanding Delivery, requires you to complete a delivery for the owner of the potion shop.

However, you will only have access to this mission after you have finished the Flying Class main quest. This quick guide will show you how to complete this quest quickly!

How to Start the Quest

How to Start the Quest

Source: Game Guides Channel

To start the mission, you must first speak with Parry Pippin who is the owner of J. Pippin’s Potions in Hogsmeade.

To find Pippin, go to the place marked on the map above. He has sent you an owl regarding delivery and requested that you speak with him if you are on the hunt for some simple work.

After you have spoken to him, he will inform you that he needs you to deliver Invisible Potions to Fatimah on the south side of Hogwarts.

Delivering the Invisible Potions to Fatimah

Delivering the Invisible Potions to Fatimah

Source: Game Guides Channel

After you have received the quest, head to the place marked on the map as shown above.

From there, you can follow the quest marker which will lead you to Keenbridge on the southern part of Hogwarts where you will find Fatimah. Upon speaking with Fatimah, she will want you to try out the potion.

Drink the potion which will turn you invisible. Speak to her again then return to Pippin and let him know that you have delivered the potions to complete the quest.

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