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High on Life: What Happens if You Kill Douglas Early Using Gus

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High on Life What Happens if You Kill Douglas Early Using Gus

Douglas is the deceitful boss that we encounter after being deceived by his disguise, Dr. Joopy.

As much as it is satisfying to bury him with bullets for his trickery, it is actually possible to kill Douglas as Dr. Joopy using Gus. This guide will give you a walkthrough of what happens if you shoot Dr. Joopy using Gus.

What Happens if You Kill Douglas Early Using Gus

Pre-Requisite: Krubis Bounty

Before starting the Douglas Bounty, make sure you have finished the Krubis Bounty first, as you will need Guts to be able to finish this mission.

Pre Requisite Krubis Bounty
Image Source: Rifle Gaming

Continue on the Bounty until you meet “Dr. Joopy” who is eventually revealed to be Douglas later on. Just do the puzzles as instructed by Gus and make sure to observe their interaction as you progress through the puzzles.

Gus is initially helpful and enthusiastic about “Dr. Joopy” and is dead set on helping him reunite with his family.

Dr. Joopy
Image Source: Rifle Gaming

In Maintenance Station B, you will encounter “Dr. Joopy” Once again. Just like the first encounter, you will need to solve the puzzle so he can travel further. Notice the conversation between Gus and “Dr. Joopy.

In the entrance of Maintenance Station C, which is the entrance to Douglas’ headquarters, Gus is still enthusiastic about saving “Dr. Joopy”. He feels this way until “Dr. Joopy” slips up by mixing the two names of his supposed children.

He starts feeling iffy at this point but still lets you finish half of the puzzle.

In the final part of the puzzle, “Dr. Joopy” made another mistake with his children’s names. This became the final straw for Gus. “Dr. Joopy ” continues to convince you to finish the puzzle while Gus is telling you to shoot him.

 You will need to shoot  Dr. Joopy for this to work.

You will need to shoot Dr. Joopy for this to work.
Image Source: Rifle Gaming

Once you eliminate Douglas, a different boss fight will commence. Instead of fighting Douglas in his suit, you will instead just fight the suit that contains the corpse of Douglas.

Since you need a corpse to turn in for the bounty, you will have to fight the suit.

fight the suit
Image Source: Rifle Gaming

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