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Hi-Fi Rush: How to Fix PC and Xbox Errors

Fix Hi-Fi Rush’s PC and Xbox errors in an instant!




Hi Fi Rush How to Fix PC and Xbox Errors

Hi-Fi Rush entered the scene with a bang as a surprise release from Tango Gameworks, and it’s quickly proving to be one of the year’s most thrilling and creative games.

While it’s flawless and polished from the start, no game is immune to bugs or errors that can be easily fixed with just a few steps.

At the time of writing, some players encounter a game-crashing problem that shows the “UE4 Fatal Error” upon launch and prevents them from progressing past the main menu screen.

Luckily, we have ways to help you fix that!

Clear Your Cache

Clear Your Cache

Source: Karpo Gaming

If you’re one of those players who experience this error, there’s no need to stress yourself out. You only need to take a few steps to fix the issue.

Like most errors in any other game, one of the most straightforward fixes is to clear your cache. This can also be applied to Hi-Fi Rush’s UE4 Fatal Error.

Reset Your Console

For Xbox users, you need to unplug your power cord for at least two minutes and log back in first.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, go on and clear your cache in Settings > Console Info > Reset Console. For PC users, clear the cache as usual, and the error should be fixed immediately.

If not, reinstall the game from the Microsoft Store.

That’s all you need to do to fix the errors in Hi-Fi Rush. Now, you can play the game with no worries!

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