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Hell is Others: Tips to Get You Started | New Player Guide

In order to survive longer in Hell is Others as a new player, you need to equip yourself with the right knowledge and tips to play the game.

Argie Maputi



As an online multiplayer extraction game, Hell is Others can be a bit punishing. This is especially true for new players, which is why I have prepared this new player guide to give you some useful tips to get started.

Let’s have a look at those tips.

Tips to Get You Started | New Player Guide in Hell is Others

Some of these tips are pretty basic, but they actually go a long way to helping you survive in the game. They’re as follows:

Prioritize the Stuff to Loot

There are lots of stuff you can get to loot during a match. However, your inventory can only hold so many items, so prioritizing which items to loot is important. Ideally, you want to prioritize quest items first, and then followed by blood, and finally, money.

While money might sound important, you don’t really need to prioritize it that much. For the most part of the game, you won’t even need that much money. And if you happen to have money with you, make sure to deposit it instead of bringing it with you at all times.

Keep Track of Your Satiation

Your satiation will reset each time you go to sleep. The best tip for this is to avoid eating rotten foods since they can only heal for half the amount and will cause you to get hungry real fast.

Use Your Explosives Strategically

One of the explosives you can use in the game is grenades which deal a ridiculous amount of damage. Try to use them whenever possible to kill your enemies quickly. Another powerful explosive is the landmine, though you’ll have to use it properly.

You can take advantage of choke points and place landmines in them. Then, lure your enemies toward those choke points to take them out quickly.

Keep Track of Other Players

You’ll be competing against 9 players on the map, and keeping track of them will give you an edge in a match. If you killed 2 of them, then you can assume that there are only 7 or even fewer of them in the area.

You can also check your minimap for orange elevators to track players who are escaping.

Monsters Can Phase Through Objects

One thing you have to keep in mind when encountering monsters is that they don’t care much about objects blocking their way. In fact, they can phase through objects without any problem. So if you’re being chased by one, just be mindful of where you’re going, and don’t hide behind a wall assuming the monster won’t find you.

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