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Harvestella: How to Raise Animals | Farming Guide

Build a pen to raise animals

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Harvestella How to Raise Animals Farming Guide

Harvestella is a life simulation game. You can farm, socialize, go on adventures, and do many more things.

You can also run against enemies and bosses despite being a life simulation game. The seasons on this planet are controlled by four gigantic crystals. They go by the name Seaslight.

Raising animals is one of the many activities you may engage in Harvestella, and we’ll show you how to accomplish it.

How to Raise Animals in Harvestella

Farming Guide How to Raise Animals in Harvestella
Credits: EliTheGaymer

You will be farming if you are not on an adventure or slaying foes in Harvestella. This involves both raising animals and planting and maintaining your crops.

If the Conellu Emporium in Lethe Village has been unlocked, you can buy livestock there. To open the shop, you must have at least one Conellu Doll.

Raising Livestock in Lethe Village

Raising Livestock in Lethe Village
Credits: EliTheGaymer

In Harvestella, you will first discover the mount Totokaku, livestock feeds, and a formula for feed once you open the Conellu Emporium.

The Cluffowl and the Woolum are unavailable in the shop since you must first create a pen to purchase them.

Cluffowl and the Woolum
Credits: EliTheGaymer

To construct a Cluffowl Pen and a Woolum Pen, visit the Renovator. Each cost five hard stones, five lumber, and five thousand Grilla.

Only three animals can fit in pen, and only one may be constructed daily. Return to the Conellu Emporium once the pen has been created. You can now purchase a Woolum or Cluffowl from the merchant for 900 and 500 Grilla.


Cluffowls lay eggs for you and are similar to hens.

Cluffowls lay eggs

Woolum provides you with milk and acts like a cow.

Only one animal can be bought daily, and as they are still young, they won’t produce anything for you when you buy them. You can nurture your livestock by feeding its respective feed, Cluffowl Feed or Woolum Feed, both of which are available at the Conellu Emporium.

To enhance your livestock’s rate of affection and production, interact with them frequently by petting them.

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