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Harvestella: How to Get Dodge and Dash

Survive longer by learning how to dash




Harvestella How to Get Dodge and Dash

You’re mistaken if you believed that the only activities you could do in Harvestella were farming and socializing. Monsters are present in this game, a recent release from Square Enix.

You can embark on a quest and engage them in combat. You can dodge them while battling, and we’ll show you how.

How to Obtain Dodge and Dash in Harvestella

How to Obtain Dodge and Dash in Harvestella
Credits: Square Enix

There is usually a combat system in an RPG. You may learn about the weapons, how to upgrade them, attack combinations, dodging, and many other things here.

In Harvestella, there are creatures, some of them powerful. If you are not careful, some monsters can swiftly destroy you. You can avoid this situation in some ways by unlocking dodge in the game.

Unlocking Dodge and Dash

Unlocking Dodge and Dash
Credits: Square Enix

In Harvestella, dodge is not an option. However, a Dash and a Step can be considered the game’s dodge mechanisms. Every job has access to the Dash, and the Fighter job’s skills contain the Step.

In the first battle, Dash is immediately unlockable. When playing on a PC, hold Left Shift while pressing W, S, A, or D to move in a particular direction. When the enemy attacks, using this skill will cause you to move swiftly toward the direction you specified, causing the attack to miss.

The Step is the second dodge. By selecting the Job tab, choose the position of Fighter. Several skills will then be displayed in this area. 150 JP are required to unlock Step.

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