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Harvestella: How to Cook and Get Recipes | Cooking Guide

Cook meals to replenish satiety, stamina, health, and many more

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Harvestella How to Cook and Get Recipes Cooking Guide

Harvestella is a life simulation game that is one of Square Enix’s most recent releases.

You can engage in combat, go on an adventure, farm by taking care of your crops, raise livestock, interact with others, and much more.

We’ll show you how to cook, one of the things you can do in the game.

How to Cook and Get Recipes, Cooking Guide in Harvestella

How to Cook and Get Recipes Cooking Guide in Harvestella
Credits: EliTheGaymer

When the game first begins, Harvestella’s cooking is not accessible. You will be forced to eat raw vegetables, though if you’re lucky, the NPC Chez might send you a sandwich.

If you visit the Renovator and purchase the Kitchen Counter, which costs 2,000 Grilla, you can begin preparing your own meals.

Wait a day, and the kitchen counter will already be in your home when you wake up.

Cooking and Obtaining Recipes

Cooking and Obtaining Recipes
Credits: EliTheGaymer

After constructing the Kitchen Counter, you will see a cutscene when you begin the following day.

The Renovator will give you your first recipe, the Mountain Stir Fry after you have spoken with him. You may now go to the kitchen counter and prepare the meals you want if you have a recipe and the necessary ingredients.

Kitchen Counter Harvestella
Credits: EliTheGaymer

You can purchase additional recipes from the general store if you so choose. Three recipe books are available there. Purchase the first one because it can be challenging to find the ingredients for the other two in the game’s early stages.

You can restore your health, stamina, and satiety with the meals you prepare in the game. Your stamina recharges all day long while your character is full.

You won’t be able to replenish stamina if it is empty. Additionally, you can get benefits like a boost to your attack, defense, resistance to certain elements, and many more.

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